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Professional Organizing

A professional organizing takes the overwhelm out of organizing your home. We help you de-clutter, make conscious decisions on what to keep or discard, encourage donation and recycling of unwanted items then create fresh organized spaces with systems to maintain the organization that has been created. We can do as much or as little of the work as you like. Some of our clients prefer a personalized plan created for them and to do most of the work themselves while others prefer assistance and guidance throughout the entire process. The choice is yours. Simply Andi is here to help you make positive changes at your pace.

Deep Cleaning

We can help you clean a room or the whole house. We specialize in deep cleaning vacant houses to prepare for move-in or after renovations. Our clients have used our deep cleaning services to create a clean new space after a room has been de-cluttered and rejuvenate appliances and fixtures rather than have to replace them. Deep cleaning removes dirt, allergens and breathes new life in to your home.

Packing and Unpacking

Moving is a pain, but it doesn't have to be. We can help you pack for a move or unpack after a move. As an professional organizer, you get much more than just a mover to put things in boxes. We help you pack consciously so that you do not waste resources moving unwanted items or pack in a way that will make unpacking a bigger mess than it has to be. For our organizing clients, our packing and unpacking services are an invaluable way to reduce the stress of a move, stretch their moving budget and start out organized in their new home.

Home Staging Consultation

A home staging consultation provides homeowners with a detailed written report to prepare their own home before listing it on the market. The consultation goes room by room making suggestions for items that need to be edited or pre-packed, areas to clean, maintenance that needs to be completed, painting and much more all to ensure that the home looks its best. Buyers want a move in ready home that they can envision living in themselves. Home staging makes it easy for Buyers to say, "Yes!"

The consultation includes a written report, prepared and printed for you on site, plus a follow-up session after all the items in the report have been completed and professional photography. At the follow-up session, we ensure that each room is staged then our professional photographer photographs the house for its best presentation on the web and in print.

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